With a lot of applications to choose nowadays, looking for the right apps in the Android application market could be a bit difficult. However, there are really great Android apps that boast user experience. There are constant updates when it comes to applications for the Android device since developers are creating highly effective and useful apps on a daily basis. Many of these applications score high when talking about usability and utility. These applications as well have beautiful interfaces and suitable icons. There is a wide range of application models that consumers all over the world could choose from. Whatever your Android app need, you can be sure to find an app or two that would best fit your requirements. Whether trying to find an app that is perfect for your personal use or for your business use, there is surely an app that will match the criteria you are seeking.

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Developers of Android apps make it a point to create intuitive and beautiful applications. The challenges of Android applications development comes from the wide range of devices available on Google's operating system as well as inconsistent operating system upgrades as well. However, there are some issues in Android development that developers should be aware of. Understanding these concerns could lead to a more successful development of highly applicable and interactive apps. Some of the issues that could affect the development process of developers include software fragmentation. There are just so many versions available with Android, meaning that developers will not be able to focus on the latest version of the OS. That is why it is necessary to learn what operating systems are developed with the latest version and the most popular. In addition to that, the developer should also be familiar with the carrier's upgrade and the update schedules.

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    For more than three years now, I have been doing Android applications development. In relation to this, I stay current through using the current SDK for the device in order to build great applications.


    March 2013